About Us


Battery Homes is located in the center of town. Our headquarters are accessible from all major highways and main roads. We provide products and services to the entire island of Malta, surrounding lands, and a few international customers. Currently, we have a list of 2,205 loyal customers that use our products and services. Our products range in variety from the everyday laptop computer for call centers to the more unique game slot units for casinos and gambling clubs. In 2005, our business seen its most positive impact when the lead manager Walter Cane retired. He groomed and trained his own son to replace him.

After ten years of working with board members and leading the company, Terry Cane decided to expand the operations to include transportation, schools, medical, and retail industries. While our biggest customer is still online casinos, the addition of these industries has increased sales and built our reputation. Private transportation services like Plan A Ride, Ride Around Town, and Go There Traffic Maps have leased computers from us that allow them to schedule rides, map detailed routes in busy cities, provide step by step directions, and plan trips anywhere using any kind of transportation. Schools that cater to nontraditional students, offer distance education and learning, and are strictly online use our computers for their employees because they come fully equipped with every program available on standard computers so that everything is conveniently located on one computer. It's less expensive to lease the computers or laptops versus purchasing them because only a few are needed to go into each classroom and they can be switched out for an upgraded version. There's no need to purchase new computers for thousands of dollars when it is possible to lease new ones for a lot less.

We employ over twenty-two certified and trained technicians at the moment. They are recertified and their training updated regularly and as needed. They have expert knowledge on every product we carry and they deliver satisfactory, guaranteed, and accurate performances every time. There are also fifteen call center employees who serve as the initial point of contact. They are the face behind appointment scheduling, problem solving, and oftentimes troubleshooting. They are not trained to repair, replace, install, or remove products, but they are trained to access problems and issues and determine whether or not it’s something that can be fixed over the phone or if a technician visit is necessary. To keep customer satisfaction high, they understand that the initial request is the request recorded and fulfilled. If a customer calls in and says they wish to have a technician to come out and check their medical equipment battery, the call center representative must continue on to the next step in scheduling a technician. They cannot ask if they can talk them through troubleshooting steps instead. Many customers might not be comfortable with attempting to solve the problem on their own.