Our Clients

Over the years, Battery Home has been able to provide services to thousands of loyal customers. When we get reviews, we like to share them. Our customers are important to us and we are always looking for ways to improve and continue the success we've had. Here are the testimonies of four very satisfied customers. We have only had two negative feedback reviews, but they quickly changed them to positive when we were given the chance to correct them.


Director / Trainsport Rail Lines

Arlene Tate

I am the director for Trainsport Rail Lines, a private railway that delivers large supplies to companies. We needed a way to track all of our deliveries within a private system. We were just using an online excel sheet, but it was difficult even then for our carriers to document the details of their deliveries. When you have upwards of five hundred deliveries a day, it becomes too difficult for carriers to find a computer to enter the details and return to the job. We decided to lease portable tracking computers that strap right on our carriers’ wrists, waists, or arms. This way, they can deliver the supplies and enter the details immediately. There’s no reason to wait until they are back on the train or inside a terminal. Battery Home was able to lease Trainsport exactly what was needed and the amount needed as well.


CEO / Present Time Conference Center

Khalil Ahbdul

Since moving into a new building last fall, we’ve been searching for new ways to replace all of the old conference boards and equipment. We knew we needed about ten new computers and projectors that were compatible. Battery Home didn’t just supply us with what we needed, but they came out and installed them, too. It was completed the same day so that we could start using them immediately.


Trainer / Unleashed Dogs

Rick Price

I called several places to see if they had enough digital computerized gadgets that I could use for a new product I am designing. It will send command completion back to a central computer where I can monitor, assess, and track dogs progress. It will also allow me to research which breeds have more complication with which commands. I train over three hundred dogs a year, so I knew I needed a lot of something, but I didn't know what exactly. I just knew it needed to be digital and/or computerized and small enough for dogs to wear. Battery Home knew that I needed Bluetooth bands. They supplied them and made my job easier. My program is now internationally recognized, awarded, and used. THANK YOU, BATTERY HOME!


Program Developer / New Vision and Discovery School for The Gifted

Kara Minter

I have over fifty teachers and principals I have to supply programs to each year that suits their preferred teaching methodologies. It's hard to keep track when I am limited to how many laptops I can distribute each term, especially when my teachers need laptops that allow them to draw, write, use them as a tablet, and can be customized. When I first contacted Battery Home, I wasn't sure they would even have these laptops in stock. I was even less unsure that they would have fifty of them to lease. They told me they did have them and that they could ship them out to me immediately after I registered, created an account, and filled out and submitted the necessary paperwork online.