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Battery Home still continues to deliver batteries for products that aren't easily transported, but we also supply computer parts for those devices. If a customer uses a digital breathing machine at night that monitors their breathing and reports it back to their primary care physician, it is very easy for the device to not function properly as a result of dying batteries or computer issues. Customers who have an account with us can schedule a time for a technician to replace the battery or repair the battery compartment of the device or repair or replace the computer part. The same holds true for online casinos and other companies. Any battery or computer we install and lease are always covered under any warranty or guarantees offered at the signing of the leasing contract.

We also offer yearly maintenance plans ranging anywhere from $150 to $1500, depending on the quantity and contract. Our plans include individualized service calls where customers can contact us to report any recurring issues. We will investigate the problem, provide a free estimate, and correct the problem at no additional charge, as long as it isn’t a result of human interference or an issue not covered under the warranty. Our routine maintenance plans are more expensive, but they are the most popular because they cover everything. When there is a known issue, we will correct it without companies contacting us. We will reach out to schedule a time to perform the repairs. These repairs cannot be declined and they can only be completed at the time a known issue has been reported to be occurring. The routine maintenance plan also allows the customer to take advantage of a free yearly check that covers everything included in the warranty. Customers do not need to schedule this check, but it is a good idea to keep a record of any repairs made prior to the check and the date of each yearly check. Our low cost maintenance plan allows customers to create a plan that fits their needs. If they only have five computers they’ve leased from us, it’s not likely they’ll need anything beyond a yearly check. However, they might need certain parts checked and upgraded. They can include this in their plans and eliminate the rest.

All of our products and services are covered under a limited warranty with additional warranties being available for purchase. Because of this, we take great pride in the installation and removal of them. We restrict third party servicing, maintenance, repairs, replacement, installation, and removal. We answer all requests within twenty-four hours and follow up after every service call completion. We offer our integrated service plan to every customer, old and new. It gives both technician and customer peace of mind. When a request is made, we dispatch the same technician that installed the unit to repair it and perform routine maintenance on it. Doing so means that the history of the product stays with the technician. There’s no need to repeat the same story to someone new each time. The technician will already know and can perform better repairs. Plus, the pre-established relationship assists in keeping customers happy.